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The Isleños of Pierre Part

Isleños, which translates to Islanders, is the term that was used to distinguish people from the Canary Islands and those from mainland Spain. If you’re an Acosta, Albarado, Albares, Alleman, Cavalier, Domingue, Medine, Monson, Morales, Perera, Pintado, Plaisance, Rivere, Rodrigue, Sanchez, Solar, Suarez or Truxillo then you might be interested in this book as it traces those familial lines back to the original ancestor who migrated here from the Canary Islands 240 years ago. The book gives the story of how and why these people came to live in Louisiana and genealogical information on these families and their numerous descendants who live in the Pierre Part area today.


The Isleños of Pierre Part

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