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The Roots of the Bayou

This book is much more than just a work of historical fiction. This is our story. Today, there are literally thousands and thousands of descendants of both the Acadians and the Isleños (Canary Islanders). Since the early 1800s, these groups have been intermarrying and continue to do so today. If you are able to go back that far on your family tree you will find that you have hundreds of great (x5 or x6) grandparents. If your family has been in Louisiana that long then it is almost impossible not to be descendent of one of these group, but more likely you are descendent from both.

Some Acadian surnames: Aucoin, Babin, Bergeron, Blanchard, Boudreaux, Bourg, Breaux, Comeaux, Crochet, Daigle, Doucet, Dugas, Dupuis, Foret, Gaudet, Gautreaux, Guidry, Guillot, Hebert, Lambert, Landry, LeBlanc, Martin, Melancon, Michel, Olivier, Pitre, Prejean, Richard, Sonnier, Talbot, Templet, Theriot, Thibodeaux, Trahan, and many more.

Some Isleño surnames: Acosta, Albarado, Alleman, Aguillard, Alvarez (Alberes*), Ascano (Eskine*), Caballero, Carbo, Cavalier, Dominguez (Domingue*), Falcon, Fernandez, Gonzales, Gomez, Hernandez, Hidalgo, Monzon, Morales, Perera, Placencia (Plaisance*), Quesada (Cassard*), Rivero (Rivere*), Sanchez, Torres, Trujillo (Truxillo*), and many more.

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