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"The book is very clear and interesting and you deserve a huge congratulations on 'The Roots of the Bayou' which I'm sure will become a staple on Louisiana genealogy shelves as a must read volume of historical fiction."

Terry T.

"LeBlanc's writing style relates the events that occur with competence and I was always keen to know where the story was heading. Dialogue between characters always felt real, not contrived and this for me is crucial for my immersion in the action of the book, which leads to literal enjoyment and a need, propelling me to reach the end."

Reader Views

"Got the book at about 8pm and finished it at 11:30pm the same night. I loved it. It tells the story of south Louisiana to a tee. I couldn't put it down."

Stella T.

"I really enjoyed your book and read it in two days…so I suppose that speaks for itself in that I couldn’t put it down, right? On a personal note, I’m the type that never wants to see a movie or read a book twice. But with Chads book, I find myself really wanting to read it again!"

Suzanne S.

In this epic historical fiction novel, Chad J. LeBlanc writes a captivating story of men who were forced to flee from home amid chaos. These men refused to be cowards in defending their lands, and when they lost, they started afresh. The Roots of the Bayou is a perfectly written story that contains suspense, action, romance, and adventure. My favorite things about the book were the characterization and chapter headings. The characters, especially Andres, had very likable qualities, and they were relatable. The headings at the beginning of each chapter contained dates and locations to keep readers on track of the events happening in the book. If you're interested in the history or genealogy of Southern Louisiana, you should check out this book.

Idowu Adekunle for Reader's Favorite

Couldn’t put it down until I finished it. Characters were easy to know and timeline/storyline was easy to follow. Read this book to learn about your CI/ Acadian ancestors.

D. A. Lindsly

Suzanne S.

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