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The Families of Pierre Part & Belle River

This book delves deep into the rich tapestry of history and genealogy women through the lives of the people of Pierre Part and Belle River, Louisiana. This book traces the origins, migrations and genealogy of the individuals and families who shaped the identity of this community over generations. Through detailed genealogical reports and archival photographs, readers are invited to a journey of discovery, tracing their own lineage and connecting with the shared heritage of the place they call home. This book is more than just a chronicle of names and dates; it is a testament to the enduring spirit of community and the power of understanding your past to shape our future.


565 pages; premium color on 60# paper


Over 50 families covered in this book. See the listing below:

Ackman, Acosta, Albarado, Alleman, Aucoin, Bernuchaux, Berthelot, Blanchard, Boudreaux, Breaux, Cavalier, Chedotal, Comeaux, Coupel, Crochet, Daigle, Domingue, Dugas, Dupre/Dupuis, Fournerette, Gaspard, Gaudet, Gauthreaux, Giroir, Gros, Guillot, Hebert, Hue, Lambert, Landry, LeBlanc, Leonard, Mabile, Matherne, Mccarthy, Medine, Melini, Metrejean, Michel, Morales, Oufnac, Perera, Pintado, Pipsair, Ponville, Richard, Rivere, Rodrigue, Settoon, St. Germain, Templet, Theriot, Tourere. 

The Families of Pierre Part & Belle River

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